Come See Us at the L.A. County Fair!

Load up the wagon, sun screen the kids, and get ready for some fried Twinkies, the LA County Fair is back in town! We’ve been participating at the LA County fair since 1967 and as always, the Secard Pools team will be there showcasing our latest and greatest.

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Where to find us:

We are located in Expo Hall #6, across the aisle. For the quickest route to us, park in the parking lot at Gate 9 off of White Ave. Enter the fairgrounds through the “blue gate” and locate the Expo Halls on your left. We are located in Expo Hall # 6 just south of the main isle.

Fair grounds info:

Dates & Hours:

The fair will be running Aug. 31 – Sept. 23, 2018

Labor Day Weekend Hours (Aug. 31-Sept 3)
Friday – Noon – Midnight
Saturday – 10 a.m. – Midnight
Sunday – 10 a.m. – Midnight
Monday – 10 a.m.- 10 p.m.

LA County Fair Hours (Sept 5 – Sept.23)

Wednesdays – Noon – 10 p.m.
Thursdays – Noon – 11 p.m.
Fridays – Noon – Midnight
Saturdays – 10 a.m. – Midnight     Sundays – 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
* Expo Halls and the Secard Pools booth close at 10 p.m. Thursdays; 11 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays


Weekdays Weekends
Adults, 13+ $14.00 $20.00
Child, ages 6-12 $8.00 $12.00
Child, ages 5 and under Free Free
Seniors 60+ $10.00 $15.00

Season Pass: $29.99 Parking: Regular: $15 Valet (Gate 3): $30 Parking Season Pass: $60

Here’s a sneak peek of what we will be displaying:

12’ x 18’ Islander Pool complete with waterfall, raised rock veneer and aqua falls. When the design team at Secard Pools took an east coast engineering marvel and blended it with a little west coast flair, the Islander pool was born. Our goal was to bring an original and fully customizable pool to the masses at an affordable price. The Islander pool is just that. We’ve been displaying an Islander pool at every fair since 1991. This year’s display will be spectacular and the price will be even better!

Swim Pro 1325 Swim Spa Improve your health and relax after an intense aquatic exercise, the Swim-Pro™ F-1325 is perfect for both! With enough bench seating for over 10 people, the Swim-Pro™ F-1325 provides an unrestricted fitness area with enough space for all your friends and family to join in on the party. The ultra powerful Swim Spa River Jets provide a steady but strong stream to optimize your fitness training. The Swim-Pro™ F-1325 offers a complete at-home aquatic gym at a budget-friendly price.

Freestyle 1421 Swim Spa Want to get the best of both worlds? You can by doing your cardio and bicep work out with the Swim Pro F-1421! Includes Eliminator High Performance™ Pump, WhisperHot™ Titanium Heater, Multi Colored LED. This Swim Spa is meant for 6 people and have 21 jets; providing soft tissue jet massage on your back and foot jets on your feet. When your session is finished, you have the luxury of relaxing in your recovery seats to help your body facilitate faster.

Champion 1641 Swim Spa Get well and get fit! Enjoy a full Vertical Hydrossage as you stand against the swim spa while spending time with your loved ones. Large enough for 12 people with all bench seating. Do not under estimate the power of the Jet System IV including two faithful jets; powerful enough for EXPERT level fitness swimmers!

Commander 1681 Swim Spa Inspired by the success of the Swim-Pro F-1325, the Commander F-1681 features both therapy and bench style seating areas with addition of the Cal Spas Exclusive Vertical Hydrossage™ station. This unique standup therapy section features 54 Hydro-Pro™ Rain Jets for a full body massage that helps improve blood circulation to soothe sore muscles after an intense swim. The power of 4 swim jets work in conjunction to deliver a steady swim current with pin point resistance. The swim system features 2 River Jets on top which provide smooth upper body resistance, while the lower 2 Old Faithful jets provide added resistance and lift, making this system perfect for swimmers looking a great aquatic workout to burn calories and increase muscle mass. Over 11-feet of unrestricted fitness area allows for intense treadmill swimming session which keeps the swimmer in place. The swim area also doubles as a “party zone” for a group of up to 12 friends!

Aqua 511R 4 person, 11 jet American Spa Enjoy relaxing day spa quality massages with the Aqua A511R (formerly Gen II™ 511R) hot tub. This round hot tub will take you away to a relaxing paradise beyond anything you’ve every dreamed of. This breathtaking “Plug & Play” hot tub combines the finest in hot tub engineering with pure elegance. Plug in your Aqua 511R hot tub today and experience the world of first-class hydrotherapy.

Aqua 730L, 6 person, 30 jet American Spa Turn your backyard in the ultimate entertainment destination with the Aqua 730L hot tub. This revolutionary hot tub offers a relaxing alternative for entertaining family and friends. It also features a full-size lounger seat, perfect for those solo nighttime soaks. The Aqua 730L hot tub will turn any backyard into a relaxing tropical oasis. Step in your own backyard paradise with the Aqua 730L today.

Pacifica 735L, 35 jet American Spa The Escape 735L is a robust 35 jet hot tub in a seven-foot size configuration. This breathtaking spa features a full-length dedicated lounger seat and contoured captain seating for up to six adults. The Escape 735L gives you hydrotherapy and entertainment features in a space-saving size.

Tropical 735B, 6 person, 35 jet American Spa Looking for something revolutionary in a hot tub? The Escape 735B combines style and comfort for all your friends and family to enjoy. This breathtaking spa features a full-length dedicated lounger seat and contoured captain seating for up to six adults. The Escape 735L gives you hydrotherapy and entertainment features in a space-saving size.

Pacifica 751L, 8 Ft. Lounger, 51 jet American Spa This new innovative hot tub features a full-size lounger seat, perfect for those relaxing solitary nighttime soaks. The Escape 751L hot tub with 51 stainless steel candy cane jets will provide your body with the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.

Aqua 730B, 6 person, 30 jet American Spa with Free Standing Lattice Gazebo Create timeless family memories with the Aqua 730B hot tub. This innovative hot tub combines elegant style with relaxing comfort. The Aqua 730B hot tub features contoured bench seating and provides a place for you and your family to sit back, unwind and enjoy each other’s company in the most relaxing place in the world: Your home. In addition with the Aqua 730, comes with the warmth and beauty of our traditional lattice gazebo. The lattice roof with transparent moon panels combined with privacy lattice provides an attractive and romantic setting. For outdoor entertaining, the bar which includes 3 bar stools will further enhance your gazebo, creating a backyard family fun center to enjoy. (Gazebo available in 7’ or 8’)

Bel Air 835B, 8 Ft. bench, 35 jet American Spa with Free Standing Glass House Gazebo Transform your backyard into a tropical family resort with the Escape 835B. With ample contoured bench seating, six of your family and friends can sit back and enjoy stress-relieving massages delivered through the 35 breathtaking Candy Cane™ Jets. Enhance the tropical feel of your tub with the available LED Dual Cascading Hydro streamers™ and LED Perimeter Lighting. In addition with the Aqua 835, Charm, privacy and protection are what the glass house gazebo is all about. A true blend of craftsmanship and style make this gazebo a unique backyard retreat. The rounded corners are designed to wrap your new spa with designer appeal. Low maintenance privacy panels, a metal roof and heavy duty construction assure your family many years of fun and enjoyment. (Gazebo available in 7’ or 8’)

Atlantic 835L, 8 Ft. bench, 35 jet American Spa Take contour seating to the next level! The Escape 835L was designed, just for you. As you soak in the warm water, you will find the seats embracing your figure and the Escape 835L is perfect for entertaining 6 people.

Avalon 867L, 6 person, 67 jet American Spa Look for a world of paradise in the comfort of your own home with the Avalon 867L. Imagine having 67 first-class hydrotherapy jets & bench seating to massage every muscle your body! This spa offers many seat options to assure comfort. After your hydrotherapy massage, the Avalon 867L will have you be on top of the world.

Cancun 867B, 6 person, 67 jet American Spa This revolutionary hot tub combines style and comfort for all your friends and family to enjoy. The Cancun 867B hot tub features 67 stainless steel candy cane jets, contoured bench seating and exclusive features that no other hot tub manufacturer can beat.


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Online reviews for Secard Pools


I learned in a recent study that 72% of consumers are influenced by reviews posted online. Funny enough, that statistic is supported by the fact that you are currently reading this blog and hopefully considering purchasing one of our products. A great deal of the customers that Secard Pools has earned over the past 55 years, have come by word of mouth. In today’s social network savvy world, word of mouth is no longer spoken between friends and neighbors. Instead, experiences are more commonly blogged about on public forums and review sites. We love this. It gives us the opportunity to reach a broader audience and even more importantly, allows us to hear what people are saying about our company. It sure is exciting to see all of the positive response but with 10 locations servicing over 10,000 customers a year, we may sometimes fall short of our high customer service standards. Sure, the weight of a less than favorable review can sometimes feel like a blow to the gut, but it’s in this moment that we learn the most about ourselves. It’s in this moment that we stand above our competition and take action for our customers. Having the opportunity to improve the way we service our customers is one of our greatest privileges.

With review sites popping up on the radar daily it is sometimes hard for consumers to sift through the multitude of pages to find anything helpful. Therefore, we’ve created our own review site at at an attempt to create a “one stop shop” for reviews about Secard Pools. Good, bad or indifferent, this website was created to allow our customers to have a place where they can sound off and be heard directly by the management of Secard Pools. We care about our customers and want you to be heard.

Now, let’s talk about the obvious here. Not all reviews are credible. A little hard homework and some online searching will tell you that there are some companies out there that businesses actually pay just to sit and write positive reviews for them. You should understand that this type of dishonesty is beneath our business practices and you will never find manufactured reviews on our site. This is also why you will not find only 100% positive reviews on We believe that an honest experience will get us more in return than paying for fake appreciation.

So, to speed up the process of deciding whether or not to buy from us, we have already laid some of the groundwork by pulling existing reviews from well renowned websites like Yelp, Google, Yahoo & Customer lobby and posted them directly on the site. Each of our locations has been given its own segment and we appreciate any feedback you would like to offer. You can go directly to our review site by clicking HERE.

For immediate attention, I’m here to help. Should any of our customers ever feel something is not right, have an unresolved issue or would like sing the praises of their favorite Secard representative, I can be contact directly at:

Aaron Gapasen
Sales Manager
Secard Pools & Spas
9292 9th St.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(909) 980-6744





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Secard Pools at center stage

We recently worked with Flintridge Preparatory School, a private independent high school located in La Canada, CA, in their rendition of the Broadway production “Metamorphoses”. Coordinator Vlad Dan first contacted us in February of 2012 with one request. Help him get a pool on stage for an upcoming performance. Secard Pools manager Greg Budinko of our Pico Rivera branch was up for the challenge. The design and construction process came together quickly and before we knew it, 4 performances were sold out days before the show’s debut. Partly due to the buzz around campus about rumors of an actual pool in the middle of the Miller Theatre stage.

The 9′ x 15′ pool constructed by Dan, boasted our 20 mil Oxford vinyl liner to offer an elegant Greek design tile and deep reflecting floor. At 2-1/2 foot deep, the performers made good use of the 135 square foot stage pool while depicting the theme of the transformation process of Greek myths throughout the play. Drama teacher for Flintridge Prep, Rob Lewis, directed a stunning performance but gives a great deal of credit to his students, stating “These students met the material with incredible reverence – even more than I initially expected”.


Written by 2002 Tony Award winner Mary Zimmerman, the play is based on Greek mythology and its central focus – change, and how we handle it. 3 years after its initial opening in Chicago, Metamorphoses made it to Broadway in 2001. The play is still professionally performed around the country today. We are pleased that we had the opportunity to be involved with Flintridge prep and their amazing program. You can see more information on the performance and pictures of the cast, rehearsal and more of the show by visiting Flintridge Prep’s Campus Press.

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