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I learned in a recent study that 72% of consumers are influenced by reviews posted online. Funny enough, that statistic is supported by the fact that you are currently reading this blog and hopefully considering purchasing one of our products. A great deal of the customers that Secard Pools has earned over the past 55 years, have come by word of mouth. In today’s social network savvy world, word of mouth is no longer spoken between friends and neighbors. Instead, experiences are more commonly blogged about on public forums and review sites. We love this. It gives us the opportunity to reach a broader audience and even more importantly, allows us to hear what people are saying about our company. It sure is exciting to see all of the positive response but with 10 locations servicing over 10,000 customers a year, we may sometimes fall short of our high customer service standards. Sure, the weight of a less than favorable review can sometimes feel like a blow to the gut, but it’s in this moment that we learn the most about ourselves. It’s in this moment that we stand above our competition and take action for our customers. Having the opportunity to improve the way we service our customers is one of our greatest privileges.

With review sites popping up on the radar daily it is sometimes hard for consumers to sift through the multitude of pages to find anything helpful. Therefore, we’ve created our own review site at at an attempt to create a “one stop shop” for reviews about Secard Pools. Good, bad or indifferent, this website was created to allow our customers to have a place where they can sound off and be heard directly by the management of Secard Pools. We care about our customers and want you to be heard.

Now, let’s talk about the obvious here. Not all reviews are credible. A little hard homework and some online searching will tell you that there are some companies out there that businesses actually pay just to sit and write positive reviews for them. You should understand that this type of dishonesty is beneath our business practices and you will never find manufactured reviews on our site. This is also why you will not find only 100% positive reviews on We believe that an honest experience will get us more in return than paying for fake appreciation.

So, to speed up the process of deciding whether or not to buy from us, we have already laid some of the groundwork by pulling existing reviews from well renowned websites like Yelp, Google, Yahoo & Customer lobby and posted them directly on the site. Each of our locations has been given its own segment and we appreciate any feedback you would like to offer. You can go directly to our review site by clicking HERE.

For immediate attention, I’m here to help. Should any of our customers ever feel something is not right, have an unresolved issue or would like sing the praises of their favorite Secard representative, I can be contact directly at:

Aaron Gapasen
Sales Manager
Secard Pools & Spas
9292 9th St.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(909) 980-6744





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