Salt Water VS Chlorine? What’s the difference?


One of the common questions that we receive from our customers here at Secard Pools & Spas throughout Southern California is what the difference between a salt pool and a chlorine pool is. A chlorine pool traditionally uses chlorine tablets to maintain chlorine levels in your swimming pool. A salt pool with a chlorine generator, generates chlorine from salt.

A common misconception is that a salt water pool doesn’t use chlorine at all. If you remember those science classes from school, salt is made up of NaCl or sodium chloride. The salt system separates the two and generates natural chlorine. The two combine again back into salt for the process to repeat again. The advantage here is that there are no additional chemicals added to your pool which can cause all the usual complaints about chlorine such as dry skin, strong odor, discoloration of hair and irritated eyes.

From our customers in LA County to the Inland Empire we have had customers complain about eye irritation, itchy skin and light hair turning green from chlorine. None of these common complaints are actually from chlorine at all. They come from the added chemicals used to produce chlorine into a tablet or powdered form. Because the salt system is generating pure chlorine, your pool water will feel softer on the skin and you won’t have the complaints about eye irritation or strong odor

Salt water pools and traditional chlorine pools both use chlorine to keep the pool clean. The chlorine made from salt water generators is a natural process; and therefore, it’s softer on the skin. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the High Desert or Riverside county, you’ll still love the feel of salt water pools.

Aside from the misconception that a salt water pool does not use chlorine, a salt system is a natural version of making the water softer on your skin without losing its sanitation quality. In California, most of us try to live our life the healthiest way possible. Adding a salt system to your pool will help you do just that. If you have more questions, we will be happy to help you at any one of our many retail stores.