Inground Vinyl Pool Liners

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Request a Quote Get 25% OFF MSRP

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AquascapeMil: 20 or 27
Argyle SlateMil: 20 or 27
BayviewMil: 20 or 27
BraidMil: 20 and 27
BrooklynMil: 20 and 27
DiamondMil: 20 and 27
HarlequinMil: 20 or 27
LakeviewMil: 20 or 27
NighttideMil: 20 or 27
OceanMil: 20 or 27
OxfordMil: 20 or 27
RocklynMil: 20 and 27
Sea GateMil: 20 or 27
Stone BridgeMil: 20 or 27
SunburstMil: 20 or 27
WaveburstMil: 20 and 27


Replacing your pool liner can be just like getting a brand new swimming pool at a fraction of the cost! Our selection of patterns will allow you to not only refresh a worn liner, but also allow you to change your pool's look as well.

Every vinyl liner provided by Secard Pools is manufactured with 100% North American sourced virgin vinyl.

20 mil vinyl pool liners are lighter in weight, extremely durable, and more affordable so you can breath new life into your pool even if you're on a budget.

27 mil vinyl pool liners are the heaviest liners we carry so that you can have peace of mind that your pool is well protected against time and the elements.

Poor water chemistry is one of the biggest causes on liner failure. We help you get even more out your pool and your pool liner by giving you one-on-one instruction on how to maintain optimal water chemistry.

Once your new pool liner is installed you will be able to enjoy your pool for years to come. To find out how you can get a new pool liner schedule a free home site evaluation.

Request a Quote Get 25% OFF MSRP

Request a Quote Get 25% OFF MSRP

Get Started Now!
Off Season Restoration & Repair
for Peak Season Enjoyment

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Low price Guarantee

With six locations and over 60 years in business, Secard Pools is the largest Vinyl Pool contractor west of the Colorado Rockies.

Not only does our experience give us the skills to provide the highest quality work for you, but our size gives us the capability to do it at the lowest possible price. Guaranteed!


We offer pool liner installation throughout Southern California.

Every pool liner replacement we perform is given a guaranteed completion date from the point of purchase. This gives you the assurance that your project will be completed in time for your next pool party!

Ask about our “silver bullet” service that gets your pool liner installed in as little as 7 days!


Swim today, pay tomorrow! We have partnered up with several financing companies to provide options which fit every budget.

We have pool financing plans offering low fixed rates as well as plans offering no interest if paid within 6-12 months.

Find out how to refresh your pool with a new liner by reading more here