Inground Pool Starting at $32,995

Engineering Plans & Permits Included

When the design team at Secard Pools took an east coast engineering marvel and blended it with a little west coast flair, the Islander® pool was born. Our goal was to bring an original and fully customizable pool to the masses at an affordable price. The Islander® pool is just that.


What is an Islander® Pool?

The Islander® pool is a vinyl lined in-ground swimming pool. Its look resembles that of a tropical island, in that a small portion of the pool peeks above the surface. 18” to be exact. The remaining shallow and deep end depths are excavated into the ground up to 8 feet.

Islander® Pools use vinyl?

Yes, vinyl! Vinyl swimming pools originated on the east coast to offer an option that could better flex with the ground’s freeze/thaw cycles. See, when the ground freezes, gunite (concrete) pools tend to crack. Nowadays vinyl pools make up a large percentage of all pools built east of the Mississippi. Here in the Golden State, we adopted vinyl for its flexibility, affordability and the big one its earthquake resistant! Yep, I said it, earthquake resistant. The Islander® pool has been proven to stand up against shakers up to a 7.5 magnitude with no damage.

Vinyl (a natural insulator) also tends to keep pools 5 – 10 degrees warmer throughout the year. Additionally, because vinyl is a non-porous surface it’s much easier to clean. There’s no need to ever acid wash, or feel the burn of scrubbing stains as you do in a concrete pool. The soft nature of vinyl is probably one of its best claims to fame. Have you ever used a slip and slide? Wet it down, run, jump and glide down to the cool abyss at the end of the mat with an ear to ear grin. Now try bellowing down the sidewalk head first in a swimsuit and you’ll understand.

Customize Your Dream!

Our Islander pool provides you and your family affordable backyard family fun that can be designed to fit most any backyard and budget. Let us design your dream pool now! We offer endless options to customize your Islander swimming pool such as salt water purification, decking, heating and lighting options. Turn your backyard into a tropical oasis by adding a soothing rock or cascade waterfalls. Relax year-round by adding a spa and experience rejuvenation that only hydrotherapy jets can provide. Our experienced design team can provide exciting ideas to help create a unique Islander in-ground pool that is just right for you. Vacation at home in your new backyard retreat. Let us help you get there!

Secard Pools – Affordable Family Fun Since 1958.



“A picture is worth a thousand words”. That’s a great quote but we feel that actually touching a product is worth a million. While we’re very proud of ourselves for this website and all of the pretty pictures, we really want you to meet our products face to face. We have an Islander® pool on display at every one of our five locations. Touch it, feel it, swim in it! Once you’ve dried off, one of our representatives will discuss information with you that will help us in the design process such as potential size, layout, available options, and financing plans.

On Site Design

One of our expert designers will come to your home to meet with you for the next step in the design process. We’ll measure the yard, consider the location for sunlight and usability and narrow down what best meets your vision.

Plans & Permits

Once we’ve determined your desired options, details and features, site and engineering plans will be drafted specific to your design. These plans will aid us in working with you through the permit process as well as a schematic for the construction of your new pool. At this point you will also be connected with our construction department to discuss the schedule for your project. 

Breaking Ground

Ready, set, dig! This is the first phase in the actual construction process at your home. Demolition, grading and excavation of the pool interior can typically be completed in 1-2 days.

Structural Assembly & Plumbing

In this phase, we will assemble the “peak of the tropical island” as explained earlier, otherwise known as the wall assembly. We will also trench and run all plumbing and any lighting options.

Rock & Water Features

If you have chosen to add any rock or water features such as waterfalls, cascades or rock facades, they will be constructed at this time.

Just Add Water!

Once the liner is installed, your pool really starts to take on a personality. The vibrant colors of the liner and the glistening fresh water are going to beg for cannonballs and backstrokes.


Now you’re ready. Light the bar-b-q, kick on the stereo and dust off your snorkel. It’s time for your first pool party.

Finishing Touches

Once we’ve finalized the installation process and fine tuned everything, your representative will come to your home to do a final consultation. We arm you with all of the necessary tools to maintain your pool, up to a 3 month supply of chemicals and walk you through every component of the pool and their operation.

We don’t leave until you have a strong confidence of your pools functions and maintenance practices. Additionally, with the purchase of your new pool comes unlimited free lifetime water testing. Just bring a sample of your pool’s water to any of our retail locations and we will analyze it to help you keep your pool sparkling for many years.

Options & Accessories


The Islander pool can be dug at a variety of depths. Anywhere from a lagoon entry to play pool to your traditional deep end, depth is up to you.


We include a durable DuraTemp siding on every pool. Upgrade to one of our rock veneer, tile or slate sidings to give your pool a more custom look.

Charcoal Gray Stack Stone

Stack Stone - Charcoal Gray

Brown Castle Rock

Castle Rock - Brown


Barnwood - Mist


Barnwood - Smoke



Standard Pool Lighting – Lighting helps you and your family get more enjoyment out of your pool. Relax after a hard days work or keep the Sunday bar-b-q going into the night.

LED Pool Lighting (shown) – LED lighting adds color changing possibilities to the interior of your pool.

Salt Water

You can automate the sanitation of your pool all while saving a ton of money on chlorine with one of our salt water chlorinators.


Ladder & Seats

Every Islander® pool includes a 2 step stainless steel ladder. We also offer seating systems such as corner seats, full length ledge seats and baja bench seats.


Umbrella Slip

There’s nothing better than relaxing in the water with the sun peeking around the umbrella that’s shading you.

We can install an umbrella slip in any of our entry steps and give your pool that resort feeling.


TREX Decking – This decking is made of a synthetic material that never needs to be stained or treated. The material is resistant to staining, warping, cracking or splintering. We build it up to the wall of the pool giving you a nice transition up to the water’s edge.

Concrete Decking  – In addition to your traditional concrete, we also offer stamped, colored and textured concrete finishes.



Not everybody wants to be part of the “polar bear club”.

Our gas heaters by Hayward Pool Products are a great addition for anyone who wants to enjoy their pool all year long.

These heaters are of the highest energy efficiency and fully programmable to keep your pool at any desired temperature.

Pool & Spa Packages

Add one of our luxurious spas to your pool and save up to $1,000.00 by combining the two.  Browse our spa collection >>

safety-cover-150x150 (1)


We carry an extensive line of solar and winter covers for your pool.

We also offer safety covers to add that extra sense of security to your pool.

leisure vac

Automatic Vacuum

Why add another chore to the list. Just hook it up and let it go.

Our Leisure Vac automatic vacuums are designed specially for the Islander® pool and live to keep it clean.

Liner Patterns

We have an array of liner patterns offering your pool anything from a light Caribbean sparkle to a deep mesmerizing oasis. If visualization is not your forte, no worries, we’ll help you pick what will work best with the environment that your new pool will be set in.


How deep can the Islander® pool be?

The standard depth of the Islander® pool is up to 4’ across the entire footprint of the pool. However, there is a lot of versatility when it comes to adjusting shallower or deeper depths to tailor the pool to your preferences. If you’re looking for a beach or lagoon entry style pool, the shallow end of the Islander® can be built as low as 18” deep giving you a nice space to cool off without having to be completely submerged. The deep end depth of the Islander® pool can typically be dug as deep as half of the width of the pool. For example, a 12’ x 24’ pool can be as much as 6’ in the deep end. As an entertainment alternative, we also offer “play pool” style depth profiles, where the deep end is placed in the center of the pool with a shallow end on either side of it.

What size can you build?

The Islander® pool can be custom built to fit almost any backyard. Because most of the pool is prefabricated, it is most cost effective to keep the length and width dimensions in even number increments. For example: 12’, 14’, 16’, etc. However, we also have the ability to accommodate odd sizes as well.

What are the space requirements for the pool?

As a rule of thumb, most cities have a minimum setback requirement for pools of 5’ from any property line or structure such as the house or a detached garage. So, for example: if you want to build a 12’ x 24’ pool, you need to have an area that is at least 22’ x 34’. Keep in mind that some cities have different setback requirements and you can check with us or the local building department to verify what applies to your property specifically.

How much room do you need to access the backyard?

Our standard size tractor requires a minimum width of 67”. However, we also have the option of using one of our smaller tractors which can fit through as little as 41” for an additional charge.

Why is the pool 18" above ground?

Building the Islander® pool partially above ground helps us cut various construction and material costs and ultimately allows us to pass these savings onto you. Some of the benefits of the above ground portion are; creating a barrier for windblown debris, preventing small children or pets from easily falling in the pool and it creates a nice seating area while entertaining guests outside of the pool.

How long does it take?

Depending on the complexity of your individual project, the Islander® pool is typically built in 5 – 8 phases. Each pool is handcrafted with our veteran in-house teams in the most efficient and timely manner possible. Our scheduling department stays in contact with you every step of the way to ensure that you always know what’s next on the project.

What do I do now?

Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a free virtual site evaluation or visit one of our five Southern California showrooms.