Commander F1681 Swim Spa


12 Person Swim Spa with 81 Jets

Inspired by the success of the Swim-Pro F-1325, the Commander F-1681 features both therapy and bench style seating areas with addition of the Cal Spas Exclusive Vertical Hydrossage™ station. This unique standup therapy section features 54 Hydro-Pro™ Rain Jets for a full body massage that helps improve blood circulation to soothe sore muscles after an intense swim. The power of 4 swim jets work in conjunction to deliver a steady swim current with pin point resistance. The swim system features 2 River Jets on top which provide smooth upper body resistance, while the lower 2 Old Faithful jets provide added resistance and lift, making this system perfect for swimmers looking a great aquatic workout to burn calories and increase muscle mass. Over 11-feet of unrestricted fitness area allows for intense treadmill swimming session which keeps the swimmer in place. The swim area also doubles as a “party zone” for a group of up to 12 friends!

Exclusive Vertical Hydrossage™

Cal Spas Exclusive Vertical Hydrossage™ with 54 Hydro-Pro™ Rain Jets provides a gentle hydro-massage for a soothing sensation and immersive experience. The unique standup Vertical Hydrossage™ section is conveniently located to the side of the swim area and helps improve blood circulation to soothe sore muscles after an intense swim.

Bio-Clean™ Antimicrobial Filter with Teleweir Gate

Our Eco-friendly Bio-Clean™ Antimicrobial Filter utilizes a special bacteria-fighting agent that is molded into the fabric. This unique protectant prevents harmful microbes and bacteria from reproducing and re-entering your water system ultimately minimizing the need of chemical sanitizers during regular cleaning and maintenance.

Whisper Hot™ Titanium Heater

Titanium’s inert properties resist corrosion and calcium build up, making it the most advanced and reliable heater in the industry.

Feather Touch Control Panels

An intuitive electronic spa control system designed to easily adjust the settings of the spa to meet your therapeutic needs.


Style & Design:

  • Sterling Silver Acrylic Shell Color paired with your choice:
    • Mahogany, Smoke or Mist Cal Preferred™ Horizontal Cabinet Panels with Vertical Trim
    • Slate or Gray 5” to 3” Hydro-Armor™ Spa Cover
  • Dimensions: 93” W x 200” L x 51” H
  • Operating Voltage: 240V
  • Pumps:
    • 1 x 6.0 BHP (1 x 3.0 HP) Eliminator High Performance™ Pump
    • 3 x 6.0 BHP (3 x 3.0HP) Swim Jet Pump Including 2.5” Plumbing and Hi Flow Main Drains
  • Water Capacity: 2,500 Gallons (9,463 L)
  • Floor Drain
  • Pressure Treated Cabinet Frame
  • Dry Weight: 2,000 lbs. (907 kg)
  • Cabinet Accessible Drain Valve
  • Filled Weight: 22,825 (10,353 kg)
  • ABS Bottom Liner

Standard Features

  • Hydrotherapy:
    • 27 Stainless Steel Candy Cane Jets
    • 50 Vertical Hydrossage Rain jets
    • 4 Swim Jet System-IV
  • Spa Lighting: 2 x 5” Multicolored LED
  • Fitness:
    • (1) 27” Stainless Steel Exercise Bar o Floor Mounted
    • SwimLane Maker
    • Fitness Anchors
    • Tether Anchors
  • User Controls: Whisper Power Unit™ BP20X With TP800 Topside Control and Auxiliary
  • Energy Saver Heating: WhisperHot™ 5.5 kW Titanium Heater
  • Water Filtration: Bio-Clean Filter™ 100 Sq. Ft. 2 x 50 Sq. Ft. TeleWeir
  • Cabinet Frame: Cal Preferred™ Horizontal with Vertical Trim Pressure Treated Wood Cabinet Frame available in Mahogany, Smoke or Mist.
  • Insulation: Thermo-Layer and ABS Liner • Pillows: Y-Pillows


Premium Options

  • Insulation: Thermo-Guard™ Full Foam Insulation (This Option will Replace Thermo Layer)
  • Water Features: LED Dual Hydro-Streamers™ with Valve
  • Galvanized Steel Cabinet Frame with Sealed Bottom
  • Fitness:
    • Cal Flex™ Spa Equipment o Tether Bar Kit
    • Pro Trainer™
  • • Lighting:
    • (2) Corner Cabinet LED Lights (Front Only) o Candy Cane LED Jets, and Valves LED Lighting I
    • C-Lite™ 2x Front Cabinet Corner LED Lighting (Front Only)
  • Water Management:
    • Pure Silk™ Ozonator with Mazzie Injector system
    • Hybrid Sanitizing System :Pure Cure™ UV + Pure Silk™ Ozone
  • User Controls: Wi-Fi Module
  • Hydrotherapy: Adjustable Therapy System™
  • Entertainment:
    • i-Sound Stereo System iPod Station with Four Speakers (2) 6”S-Speakers and (2) 4” Speakers with Powered Subwoofer
    • Freedom™ Sound System Bluetooth, Powered Subwoofer and (4) Speakers


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