Water Chemistry Monitoring


The revolutionary ePool® Water Chemistry Monitoring System tells you exactly what chemicals to add in the exact quantity needed! ePool® takes the guesswork out of maintaining pool water.

The ePool® monitor communicates wirelessly with the customer’s computer. The patented system in the ePool® monitor continuously analyzes pool or spa’s water chemical composition and wirelessly sends the information to the customer’s computer through a receiver connected via USB. The sensor floats freely in the pool, transmitting data to the computer via the provided receiver. The computer will alert the pool owner when the ePool® indicates “Attention. Then the pool owner should follow the simple treatments displayed on the screen to keep the pool healthy and properly balanced.


  • Works on regular, salt water and mineral pools
  • Continual 24/7 monitoring of pH, chlorine and water temperature
  • Accurate analysis
  • No guesswork or test strips needed for pH or chlorine levels
  • Easy to set up and use with any PC or MAC o Easy to read messages automatically sent to your computer
  • Can be programmed to send email and text messages
  • Software upgrades easily managed o Patented technology
  • Includes 25 consumer handouts per master case
  • Requires four (4) AA batteries (included)
  • Full replacement warranty-90 days