Vinyl Liner Replacement


We’ll beat anybody’s price. Anybody!

Great prices and quality have been the hallmark of Secard Pools since we started in 1958. Today, that same characteristic is shown in the pools we build and the liners we replace around Southern California. With 10 locations and over 50 years in business, Secard Pools is the largest Vinyl Pool contractor west of the Colorado Rockies. Who better to remodel or repair your pool than the experts who build them from top to bottom? Not only does our experience give us the skills to provide the highest quality work for you, but our size gives us the capability to do it at the lowest possible price. Guaranteed!

We’re making a difference

Secard Pools only uses 100% virgin vinyl and we never outsource our material from overseas. Buying domestically keeps our business from being outsourced and insures a high quality of materials.

The personal touch

You will never be greeted by a machine when you call any of our locations. Our friendly staff is here to serve you. This is also why you will never be greeted by a sub contractor at your home. Secard Pools is licensed, bonded and insured and every individual that we send to your home is a certified Secard Pools technician.

What You Can Expect

Let’s meet poolside!

A Secard Pools representative will personally perform a visual inspection of your pool and present all available options to you. This is your chance to create the new look for your pool. We will help you choose a liner pattern and also discuss any major changes you desire such as step additions, depth changes or equipment upgrades.

Measuring up

Our specialized measurement technician carefully measures every aspect of your pool, then drafts a computer generated model to insure a proper fit.


Every liner is hand crafted and rigorously inspected before being sent out to your home. It is this close attention to detail that allows us to build quality into every step of the fabrication process.


Now your pool is given its new personality. The liner is installed and we begin to fill the pool with water. Every one of our liners installed includes a special wedge called “T-lock” that is inserted to prevent the liner from slipping out of the track in the future. We also install new foam padding on any steps or benches at no additional fee. Our team will leave your pool filling and instruct you at what level to turn off the water.


Once the pool has filled to the advised level, our technicians will perform the final ,cut outs of your skimmer, returns and light. Any additional filtration equipment that you may have upgraded will also be installed at this time. Now it’s time to take advantage of our free chemical testing. Just bring a sample of your pool’s water to any of our retail locations and we will analyze it to help you keep your pool sparkling for many years.



We have an array of liner patterns offering your pool anything from a light Caribbean sparkle to a deep mesmerizing oasis. If visualization is not your forte, no worries, we’ll help you pick what will work best with the environment that your new pool liner will be set in.

Step additions

Just because your pool is 30 years old doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it’s current configuration. We have the skills needed to add a number of step configurations, baja benches and even umbrella slips to your pool and create that resort feel.

Rail and ladders

Can that flimsy old rust bucket. We stock a variety of stainless steel 2-3 step ladders and grab rails to ease entry and exit of your pool.


There’s no need to drive to Beverly Hills for this face lift. New coping around your pool will dramatically freshen up the look of your backyard. Choose from our selection traditional white coping, bull nose brick, slate or cantilever.


You can now bring the latest in LED technology to your pool. Choose from a rainbow of colors or let it cycle through at a blending pace to set the mood. LED lights are regarded highly for their efficiency and long life span. There are no major structural changes required. The new LED lighting installs as easy as your previous light.


Pumps, filters, timers, heaters, chlorinators, water leveling systems, remote devices, etc. We do it all! Anything from an entry level pool pump to a digital salt chlorination system. We staff certified plumbers and electricians to insure professional installation.

Depth change

Whether too deep or not deep enough, we can handle it. You tell us what depths you wish you had, and we can do what it takes to make it happen.

Leak Detection

Got a leak in your vinyl liner? We can find it.

Secard Pools performs leak detections in vinyl pools by placing a small electric charge in your pools water and tracking the flow of electricity as it makes connections to the ground through conductive penetrations in the liner. We can find the smallest pin hole in minutes. Contact us immediately for service at (800) 843-7938.

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Low price Guarantee

With five locations and over 65 years in business, Secard Pools is the largest Vinyl Pool contractor west of the Colorado Rockies.

Not only does our experience give us the skills to provide the highest quality work for you, but our size gives us the capability to do it at the lowest possible price. Guaranteed!


Swim today, pay tomorrow! We have partnered up with several financing companies to provide options which fit every budget.

We have pool financing plans offering low fixed rates as well as plans offering no interest if paid within 6-12 months.

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