Underwater Fitness


Aqua Cycle

The Aqua Cycle provides an excellent low-impact cardiovascular exercise that is easy on the joints. Engaging a variety of muscle groups makes it a great full body workout. Aquatic exercise is 12 times more resistant than exercise on land, providing a harder workout, burning more calories in less time all done with much less impact than on land.

Aqua Treadmill

Excellent for athletes who want to train year-round or those who wish to recover from injury. The Aqua Treadmill allows a workout that is just right for your own personal level of fitness and rehabilitation. Doctors agree that low impact exercise is key to strong rehabilitation and improvement in range of motion after an injury or surgery.

Aqua Jogger

Enjoy dozens of aquatic exercises with the Aqua Jogger. Improve core balance, posture, flexibility, and coordination.an on land. Safely workout by reducing stress on your joints, back, and hips due to the effects of buoyancy. Aquatic therapy gives you the ability to target shoulders, arms, core, legs, hips, knees and ankles all at your own pace in the privacy of your own home without requiring expensive, space consuming workout equipment or costly gym memberships.