Olympian F1781 Swim Spa


10 Person Swim Spa

7-Person Swim Spa with 50 Jets + 3-Person Hot Tub with 31 Jets

The Olympian offers both a heated swim zone and an attached spa zone. It’s easy to switch over to the spa zone after an intense aquatic workout to relax sore and tired muscles. The Olympian’s exercise zone is equipped with multi-functional jets including 4 Swim Jets, 26 Velocity and 20 Stabilization Jets plus 8 Hydrostreamers and neck pillows for support when not swimming. The spa zone features 31 jets for maximum hydrotherapy post-workout and hydromassage which can be upgraded with a sound system to immerse your senses into another dimension of relaxation!

Fibersteel™ Construction

Durability is paramount with it comes to your home investments. That’s why Cal Spas hot tubs utilize the exclusive Fibersteel™ Construction Process. The finest acrylic sheets are vacuum molded into shape, then reinforced with vinyl ester and fiberglass. After curing, the shell receives a resin filler coat, fiberglass and calcium carbonate. Stiffener reinforcement supports and 1.5 inch angled irons are added to ensure maximum strength. A final filler coat is applied to seal, bond and toughen the overall structure.

Bio-Clean™ Antimicrobial Filter with Teleweir Gate

Our Eco-friendly Bio-Clean™ Antimicrobial Filter utilizes a special bacteria-fighting agent that is molded into the fabric. This unique protectant prevents harmful microbes and bacteria from reproducing and re-entering your water system ultimately minimizing the need of chemical sanitizers during regular cleaning and maintenance.

Whisper Hot™ Titanium Heater

Titanium’s inert properties resist corrosion and calcium build up, making it the most advanced and reliable heater in the industry.

Thermo-Shield™ Insulation System

Insulation Cal Spas Thermo-Shield™ insulation system starts by installing a unique material primarily comprised of post consumer recycled denim. This 3” thick insulating material foundation is then thermally bonded with a 99% pure aluminium reinforced foil sheet on one side creating a radiant heat shield which directs motor and equipment heat back into the spa, retaining residual heat and increasing energy efficiency. Next, we install a layer of dual walled reflective bubble foil to the floor area of the spa to reflect heat upward into the spa seat and floor. Finally we add an ABS liner or ABS moulded pan that locks in heat and keep moisture out.

Feather Touch Control Panels

An intuitive electronic spa control system designed to easily adjust the settings of the spa to meet your therapeutic needs.


Style & Design:

  • Sterling Silver Acrylic Shell Color paired with your choice:
    • Mahogany, Smoke or Mist Cal Preferred™ Horizontal Cabinet Panels with Vertical Trim
    • Slate or Gray 5” to 3” Hydro-Armor™ Spa Cover
  • Dimensions: 93” W x 200” L x 51” H
  • Operating Voltage: 240V
  • Water Capacity: 2,285 gal. (8,649L)
  • Dry Weight: 2,950 lbs. (1,338 kg)
  • Filled Weight: 21,984 lbs. (9,971 kg)

Swim Section Standard Features

  • Pumps:
    • 1 x 6.0 BHP (1 x 3.0 HP) Eliminator High Performance ™ Pump
    •  3 x 6.0 BHP (3 x 3.0HP) Swim Jet Pump Including 2.5” Plumbing and Hi Flow Main Drains
  • Hydrotherapy:
    • 28 Stainless Steel Candy Cane Jets
    • 3 Swim Jet System-III w/Swim Lane Stabilization System
  • Spa Lighting: Multicolored LED Lighting
  • Water Features: 8 Hydro Streamers
  • Fitness:
    • (2) 9” & (1) 27” Stainless Steel Exercise Bar
    • Floor Mounted Swim Lane Marker
    • Fitness Anchors
    • Tether Anchors
    • Cal Flex™ Spa Equipment
  • User Controls: BP20X With SPA TOUCH Topside Control
  • Energy Saver ™ Heating System: WhisperHot™ 5.5 kW Titanium
  • Water Management: Hybrid Sanitizing System CD Ozone & UV Sanitizing System
  • Water Filtration: 100 sq. ft. Teleweir Filter System (Bio-Clean) w/TeleWeir
  • Insulation: Shell Foam with Thermo-Layer
  • Pillows: Cascade Pillows

Spa Section Standard Features

  • Pumps: 1 x 6.0 BHP (1 x 3.0 HP) Eliminator High Performance ™ Pump
  • Hydrotherapy: 31 Stainless Steel Candy Cane Jets
  • Spa Lighting: Multicolored LED Lighting
  • Water Management: Hybrid Sanitizing System CD Ozone & UV Sanitizing System
  • User Controls: BP501G1 Equipment TP600 Color Control
  • Cabinet Frame: Pressure Treated Cabinet Frame
  • Pillows: Cascade Pillows



Premium Options

  • Insulation: Thermo-Gaurd™ Full Foam Insulation
    (This option will replace Thermo Shield™/Layer)
  • Hydrotherapy:
    • Adjustable Therapy System™ (ATS) (Available in Spa Section)
    • Adjusta-Pro Swim System™ Variable Speed System (Available in Swim Section)
  • Fitness:
    • Tether Bar Kit (Available in Swim Section)
  • User Controls: Cal Spas Wi-Fi Module
  • Lighting:
    • C-Lite™ 2x Front Cabinet Corner LED Lighting (Front Only)
    • LED Jets, Valves and Cascade Pillows LED Lighting II
  • Heating: Auxiliary 5.5kW Heater (Available in Swim Section)
  • Entertainment: i-Sound Stereo System iPod Station with Four (4) 6” S-Speakers with Powered Subwoofer


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