The Pool Installation Process: Inground Vinyl Lined Pools


With the typical Islander pool construction, Secard Pools can provide service for virtually every aspect of your pool project. Whether it would be the acquisition of city permits, providing the required electrical to the pool equipment area, removal and/ or replacement of access fences, gates and walls, hardscape and concrete decks, we can accommodate any request.

However, some customers may opt to do some of these items themselves to save costs. For example, a customer can pull the permit themselves, hire their own electrician, provide the required access for our excavation equipment, or even dig their own pool.

Whether you’re the hands on type or just want to relax and watch us do what we do, we’ll work with you towards your vision. Our design experts can help you determine what, if any, items you wish to tackle yourself and our construction department will work with you to coordinate your project.

The Islander Pool Installation Process

Typical pool construction is completed in phases. The basic phases are excavation (digging), wall assembly (building) and liner installation. If additional features are part of the scope of work, these will be completed throughout the phase process.

Phase 0: Planning

Prior to commencement, we will contact and coordinate a service called Dig Alert. This service is required by any company doing excavation work such as your pool. Dig Alert will come out and mark any known public utilities. These utilities are usually marked where they enter your property, typically along the street. If an old or unknown utility was to interfere with the pool area and were undetected the utility can be relocated or the pool area can be redesigned, if necessary.

Phase 1: Digging

The first phase consists of the excavation of the pool and grading of the pool area. We include up to 6″ of grading in the pool area. Excavation usually can be completed in one day. Additional days may be required due to access issues or the use of smaller equipment. The access path must be clear and any fences and/ or gates should be removed to provide the access.

Our standard tractor (aka Bobcat) is 64″ (5′-4″) wide. Smaller 56″ (4′-8″) and even smaller 36″ (3′) version are available for narrower access conditions. Small steps or planters can be driven over that may be in the access path. Keep in mind that some damage may occur to existing concrete, pavers, tile, etc. that are in the access path that has to be driven over. Grass will get damaged when it’s in the access path but is typically easily replaced with seed or sod.

Phase 2: Pool Building

After excavation, heavy equipment will no longer be required into the pool area. Everything else is brought in by hand and the largest piece of equipment that will be used is a wheel barrel. The wall assembly consists of the building of the pool structure with our prefabricated wall panels. While the footings are prepped for the inspection and left empty, they will later be filled with concrete upon the inspector’s approval. The plumbing trenches are also inspected and are filled in upon approval.

During this phase, the pool equipment is installed in your desired location and according to the plans that have been developed for the pool site. If the customer is providing the electrical, it can be completed at this time. After the equipment is installed, it is clear where the electrical needs to be provided.

Phase 3: Vinyl Liner Installation

Liner installation is the final phase. The pool floor is prepared with a sand or a hard bottom (a special hard shell) before the liner is put in place. This treatment provides a smooth surface on the pool floor, filling any voids that are found in the excavated area. When the liner is installed, the pool is filled with water immediately. Filling the pool may take 1-2 days, depending on water pressure. Once the pool is full, we will complete a detail process to finish off all aspects of the pool.

As the phases are to be completed, our construction office will call to schedule the various site visits well in advance. Additionally, we will always call you the day before a scheduled visit to confirm an arrival time and remind you of the visit. You don’t have to be home for any of these visits unless we advise you otherwise. It is requested that access to the pool area, an electrical outlet and a water source is provided and additionally any pets are put away for the safety of them and our crew. If a phase payment is due, you will be notified by the construction office in advance. Payments can be made to the crew, to your sales office, or with a credit card kept on file.

Installing a pool can be a fun process as you watch your dream back yard take shape and we are here to work through it with you. We put our best foot forward on every project and make every attempt to keep our customers informed and engaged in the process.

Remember: The more involved and accessible the customer (you) is, the smoother things typically go.

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