How a spa will help you sleep better at night


Most of us can say we’ve experienced a sleepless night or two in our lives and remember the effects of it the following day. The headache, the lack of concentration, the increased awareness of even the most minor aches and pains, and just feeling emotionally drained. I think most of us can say we know how not getting a restful night’s sleep can just flat our ruin our day.

The sad truth is that in our fast-paced, stress filled lives; we’re experiencing these sleepless nights on a more frequent basis. We are constantly trying to keep our heads above water, so to speak. With work, kids, and social life, we run our bodies down. Which leads me to ask why we don’t focus on one of the most important keys to keeping us going; how to get a better night’s rest and enjoy our lives?

I don’t think we realize how much sleep plays a role in the proper functioning of our bodies. While sleeping, your brain is preparing itself to function properly. It’s forming new pathways to help you learn better and retain information. The health benefits of sleeping are tremendous: your blood cells and heart are repairing themselves, and hormones which are responsible for making you feel hungry or full are balancing out. Sleeping also affects how your body reacts to insulin along with how well your immune system functions; sleep deprivation can alter your immune system which is crucial in fighting against sickness and disease.

Not only does sleeping have tremendous benefits, but the lack of it has serious health ramifications. Lack of sleep can lead to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and risk of stroke. Sleep deprivation can be deadly when it comes to driving; the ability to drive while sleep-deprived is estimated to be almost the same as driving drunk.
So what can we do to sleep better at night? More importantly, how do we get the deep sleep which we benefit most from? Studies show that your body temperature naturally cools down when you fall asleep; this process helps you go into a deep sleep, which is the most beneficial type of sleep. One way to help this process is to raise your body temperature before you go to bed to ease into this process. Relaxing for about 15-20 minutes in a spa about an hour before bed can ensure your body temperature is elevated and the process of cooling down takes place easing your body into the deep sleep it desperately needs.

But it doesn’t stop there! The hydrotherapy from a spa promotes relaxation and eases tension in joints and muscles, reducing the chances that these aches and pains will keep you awake at night. Using a spa promotes the release of endorphins which naturally block stress and pain signals from going to the brain as well, again preparing the best odds for your body to be at ease to fall into a deep sleep. Using a spa regularly before bedtime clearly increases your chances of a better night’s rest, which leads to a better, healthier, more productive lifestyle.

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    • Bob Cannon on September 10, 2015 at 10:34 am

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